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Merguerian's Print and Media Articles 2017 to 1983

Complete Compilation 1983-2014


44 Brace Yourselves, New Yorkers, You're Due for a Major Quake - Sep 2017


43_Outcrop: Geology Stops in NYC Jun 2014


42_Glacial Erratics in Secret New York 2011 by T. M. Rives


41_AM-NY_17 Mar 2011 – New York Seen as Overdue for Significant Earthquake


40_Metro NY_17 Mar 2011 – Governor Wants New York Plant Closed


39_Educated Observer_Oct 2010 – Teaching With Passion


38_Tunneling Online Tunneling NYC_2009


37_New York Times_22 Sept 2008 – At Ground Zero, Scenes From the Ice Age


36_City At The Water's Edge by Betsy McCully_Apr 2007


35_Scientific American_Sept 2001 – Seeing the Earth for Its Faults


34_Communicator_Apr 2001 – Shaking Things Up


33_Newsday_17 January_2001 – Who’da Thunk It? Some Did


New York Times_22 Aug 1999 – New York Underground


31_Newsday_05 Oct 1997 – They Do Geology on the Run


30_Newsday_30 Sept 1997 – In the Belly of the Earth


29_Newsday_29 Sept 1997 – The Birth of Long Island


28_DailyNews_26 Apr 1997 – The Glacier Sleuths


27_New York Times_18 Apr 1997 – Counting Sheep Rocks


26_S I Advance_13 July 1995 – Agencies Working to Make Area More ‘Earthquake-proof’


25_New York Times_19 Mar 1995 – What Would Happen to Long Island in an Earthquake


24_HofstraPride_June 1994 – Hofstra University Professor Dr. Charles Merguerian Explores The Truth About Earthquakes on “ABC’s World of Discovery”


23_ABC-TV_21 May 1994 – Earthquakes: The Terrifying Truth


22_USA Today_20 May 1994 – ‘Earthquakes’ May Rattle Folks Far From the West Coast


21_Newsday_19 Apr 1994 – Tunneling Back Into Time


20_Hofstra Pride_Apr 1994 – Geology Professor is a True Mover and Shaker


19_Aftershock_May 1991 – Aftershock by Chuck Scarborough


18_HofstraHorizons_Fall1990 – Charles Merguerian: Research into Rocks and Rumbles


17_Discover_Sept 1990 – East Coast Earthquakes


16_Philadelphia Daily News_19 Oct 1989 – City Might Be Dirty, But Its Solid Dirt


15_New York Post_19 Oct 1989 – What If?  Fear of Quake Gives NY the Shakes


14_Daily News Magazine_08 Jan 1989 – Rattler


13_Daily News_27 Nov 1988 – Earth Could Move Again


12_Newsday_15 Apr 1986 – Is Big Apple Rocking at the Core?


11_Newsday_15 Apr 1986 – Geologist: NYC on Shaky Ground


10_Lawton Constitution_11 Apr 1986 – Discovery of Faults Raises Threat of New York Quake


09_Hofstra Chronicle_10 Ap r1986 – Geology Professor to Speak at University Symposium


08_Worcestor Tele_06 Apr 1986 – New York City Seen Vulnerable to Quakes


07_Sun Sentinel_06 Apr 1986 – NY Could be Vulnerable to Temblors, Authority Says


06_New York Post_05 Apr 1986 – This Warning Takes the Quake


05_NYT_05Apr1986 – Geologic Faults Found Under East River


04_Gannett_03 Mar 1986 – New Quake Evidence


03_Gannett_27 Oct 1985 – The Earth Moves


02_New York Times_23 Oct 1985 – Bigger Quake in Area Called Possible


01_Landprints_Apr 1984 – Landprints by Walter Sullivan


00_New York Times Weekend_02 Dec 1983 – Story of the Eons in New York’s Rocks and Cliffs


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