Classic “We Go To Them” Sci–Fi Movies (1902-1969)


1902 – Voyage to the Moon (aka A Trip to the Moon) [French; Disappearing aliens using stop motion cinema; Georges Mιliθs]

1924 – Aelita, the Queen of Mars [Russian; Engineer travels to Mars to meet his dream girl]

1929 – Woman in the Moon [German; Fritz Lang’s Die Frau im Mond featured Hermann Oberth’s planned promotional rocket launch]

1930 – Just Imagine (Man struck by lightning in 1930 is resurrected in 1980 and winds up taking the first trip to Mars)

1950 – Destination Moon [Robert A. Heinlein coscript and Chesley Bonestell painted sets]

1950 – Rocketship X–M [Ship to Moon but winds up on Mars; sets standard for all movies]

1951 – Flight to Mars [Very low-budget discovery of lost civilization on Mars; in Cinecolor]

1953 – Project Moonbase [Space station trip to Moon; Cold War premise and Robert A. Heinlein coscript]

1953 – Spaceways [British; Space missile and flight into outer stratosphere]

1954 – Cat-Women of the Moon [All males killed by warrior class females on the Moon so the next source for men is earth; Remade as Missile to the Moon aka Rocket to the Moon]

1954 – Riders to the Stars [Astronauts try to scoop up meteors in earth orbit to make better spaceships]

1955 – Conquest of Space [Trip to Mars with marsquake, water snow, and religious overtones; Chesley Bonestell painted sets; in Technicolor]

1955 – Fire Maidens of Outer Space [Travel to an earthlike 13th moon of Jupiter; Superbomb]

1955 – This Island Earth [Travel to the planet Metaluna; in Technicolor]

1956 – Forbidden Planet [Travel to a planet outside solar system; in Widescreen CinemaScope]

1956 – Satellite in the Sky [British; Female reporter stows away on first satellite launch]

1956 – World Without End [Spaceship to Mars exceeds time barrier; in CinemaScope]

1957 – 20 Million Miles to Earth [Spaceship returns from Venus expedition with creature] (aka The Beast from Space, and The Giant Ymir)

1958 – From the Earth to the Moon [Early rocket flight to the Moon; in Technicolor]

1958 – It! The Terror from Beyond Space [Prototype and inspiration for Alien]

1958 – Queen of Outer Space [Spaceship to Moon abducted to Venus; in CinemaScope]

1959 – First Man into Space [British; Radioactivity affects pilot]

1959 – Missile to the Moon [Remake of Cat-Women of the Moon]

1960 – 12 to the Moon [Chinese moon people order earthmen off the moon but want to keep their two cats; then freeze N. America; Critic - “the lamest most contemptible film of the genre”]

1960 – Angry Red Planet, The [Martians attack earth visitors; in Cinemagic]

1960 – Beyond the Time Barrier

1961 – Assignment: Outer Space [Japanese; in Technicolor]

1961 – Battle of the Worlds [Italian; Scientists try to stop alien planet from impacting earth; in Technicolor]

1961 – Journey to the Seventh Planet [Danish; 2001 travel to Uranus - find alien brain monster]

1961 – Phantom Planet, The [Crash landing in 1980 on asteroid where astronauts are shrunk by small aliens who are chased by the fire people]

1962 – Battle Beyond the Sun

1962 – First Spaceship on Venus [German; Earth clues prompt trip to Venus to find war-blasted planet.  Cut by an hour in U.S. release and repudiated by author of script; shot in Totalvision and Technicolor]

1962 – Star Pilot

1963 – Crawling Hand, The (aka Five Fingers of Death, The Creeping Hand, Don’t Cry Wolf, and Tomorrow You Die)

1963 – Nude on the Moon

1963 – Voyage to the End of the Universe [Czech; ] (Originally titled Ikarie XB1)

1964 – First Men in the Moon [British; Travel to the Moon; in Dynamation]

1964 – Robinson Crusoe on Mars [Martian extravaganza; in Technicolor]

1965 – Lost In Space

1965 – Monster a Go-Go

1965 – Planet of the Vampires [Italian; ] (aka Demon Planet)

1965 – Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet [21st Century Venusian landing finds teradactyl attack and lava flows] (Remake of Russian Planet of Storms)

1966 – Planet of Blood [Space vampire brought to earth using purchased Russian footage] (Originally titled Queen of Blood; aka The Green Woman; Planet of Terror; Planet of Vampires)

1967 – Space Thing

1967 – Terrornauts, The [British; Talky sci-fi about scientists beamed to an alien world]

1967 – X From Outer Space, The [Japanese; Trip to Mars encounters UFO] (aka Zigra vs. Guilala)

1968 – 2001: A Space Odyssey [Space travel for commuters; in Cinerama]

1968 – Barbarella, Queen of the Galaxy

1968 – Countdown

1968 – Mission Mars

1968 – Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women (aka The Gill Women and The Gill Women of Venus)

1969 – Journey to the Farside of the Sun [British; New planet discovered beyond the sun]

1969 – Moon Zero Two [British; Mining claims on the Moon]


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