Classic “They Come Here” Sci–Fi Movies (1950-1969)


1950 – Flying Disc Man From Mars [Visitor from Mars has evil on his mind - Serial of 12 episodes]

1950 – Flying Saucer, The [Visitors from outer space creates havoc in Alaska backdrop]

1951 – Day the Earth Stood Still, The [Visitor from outer space with a warning to earthmen]

1951 – Man from Planet X, The [Thin-faced space visitor badgered in Scottish moors]

1951 – Thing from Another World, The [Flying saucer with alien being lands in Arctic freeze]

1951 – When Worlds Collide [Asteroid collision sends planetesimals to hit earth; in Technicolor]

1952 – Radar Men From the Moon (Commando Cody serial)

1953 – Invaders from Mars [Martians land in a sand trap and burrow to invade]

1953 – It Came from Outer Space [Alien spaceship lands in AZ desert; 3D process]

1953 – Phantom From Space [Invisible alien crash lands near Los Angeles – wreaks havoc]

1953 – Robot Monster [Gorilla in diving helmet wipes out most of earth people in 3D]

1953 – War of the Worlds [Classic Martian invasion yarn based on H. G. Wells story; in Technicolor]

1954 – Crash of the Moons (Rocky Jones Space Ranger serial)

1954 – Devil Girl from Mars [British; Her spaceship lands in Scotland - looking for earth husbands]

1954 – Gog

1954 – Killers From Space [Pilot killed in crash brought back to life by aliens from planet Astron Delta - plan is to invade earth with his help]

1954 – Stranger From Venus [Benevolent visitor from Venus with healing powers warns of nuclear proliferation]

1954 – Target Earth [People in deserted city trapped by robot invasion force]

1955 – This Island Earth [Travel to the planet Metaluna; in Technicolor]

1956 – Creeping Unknown, The [British; Spaceship returns to earth with a creature aboard; aka The Quatermass Xperiment]

1956 – Day the World Ended, The

1956 – Earth vs. the Flying Saucers [Invasion by saucers in Washington D.C. ]

1956 – Evil Brain From Outer Space

1956 – Invasion of the Body Snatchers [Alien seed pods takeover human race; in SuperScope]

1956 – It Conquered the World [Carrot-shaped aliens from Venus; Remade as Zontar, the Terror From Venus]

1956 – Mole People, The

1956 – UFO (aka Unidentified Flying Objects: The True Story of Flying Saucers)

1956 – Warning From Space [Japanese; Flying saucer lands in Tokyo Bay with aliens in star-shaped polyester suits]

1957 – 20 Million Miles to Earth [Spaceship returns from Venus expedition with creature] (aka The Beast from Space, and The Giant Ymir)

1957 – 27th Day, The [Aliens give five people capsules capable of destroying Earth]

1957 – Enemy From Space [British; Sequel to The Creeping Unknown]

1957 – Invasion of the Saucer-Men [Saucer men outdone by local teens]

1957 – Kronos [Orbiting spaceship sends control devices to earth]

1957 – Monolith Monsters, The [Meteor hits earth; crystallization of crust begins]

1957 – Monster From Green Hell [Orbiting wasps return to earth in Africa and killer mutant bees result]

1957 – Mysterians, The [Japanese; Aliens construct dome and desire earth women]

1957 – Not of this Earth [Alien needs fresh blood to survive]

1958 – Attack From Space [Japanese; ]

1958 – Blob, The [Meteor carries the Blob to earth where it spreads out]

1958 – Brain from Planet Arous, The [Giant floating brain alien takes over scientist]

1958 – Colossus of New York

1958 – Crawling Eye, The [British; Alien invaders try to hide in giant cloud; aka The Trollenberg Terror]

1958 – Day the Sky Exploded, The [Italian; ]

1958 – Fiend Without a Face

1958 – I Married a Monster From Outer Space [Rehash of Body Snatcher theme]

1958 – It! The Terror from Beyond Space [Prototype and inspiration for Alien]

1958 – Lost Missile, The [Alien spaceship circles earth and destroys cities with fire]

1958 – Satan’s Satellites [Condensed version of 1952 Republic serial Zombies of the Stratosphere]

1958 – Space Children, The

1959 – Caltiki, the Immortal Monster [Italian; Amusing blob-like creature chases scientists around in Mexico ]

1959 – Cosmic Man, The [Spherical spaceship brings benevolent alien to earth]

1959 – Invisible Invaders [Invisible aliens from the Moon]

1959 – Plan 9 from Outer Space [Pompous aliens resurrect corpses to take over earth]

1959 – Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy, The [Mexican; A must see Superbomb]

1959 – Teenagers From Outer Space [Teens happily bring lobster monster to earth]

1960 – Village of the Damned [British; ]

1961 – Battle of the Worlds [Italian; Scientists try to stop alien planet from impacting earth]

1962 – Brain, The [British and German; ]

1962 – Day Mars Invaded Earth, The

1963 – Children of the Damned [British; ]

1963 – Day of the Triffids, The [British; Meteor storm creates unusual moving plants and global havoc; in Cinemascope]

1963 – Unearthly Stranger [British; Scientist learns that colleagues are being killed and suspects his wife]

1964 – Santa Claus Conquers the Martians

1965 – Night Caller From Outer Space [Alien mutant kidnaps humans to take back to troubled planet; aka Blood Beast From Outer Space]

1965 – Star Pilot [Italian; ] (aka 2+5: Missione Hydra)

1965 – War of the Planets [Italian; Light creatures attack earth; terrible sets]

1965 – Wild, Wild Planet [Italian; Female alien uses robots to control earth scientists] (aka The Galaxy Criminals)

1967 – Astro-Zombies [Nominee for the worst movie of all time]

1967 – Mars Needs Women [Title says it all]

1967 – They Came From Beyond Space [British; Silver plate in head allows for fighting of alien spacemen]

1968 – 5 Million Years to Earth [British; Subway workers unearth spaceship; aka Quatermass and the Pit]

1968 – Planet of the Apes

1969 – Green Slime, The [Japanese; Slimy green invaders vs. earthmen]


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