Our students at Hofstra University in advanced-level Geology Department courses are Rogues of the finest sort.  Never quick to complain like our introductory-level students, they commonly "check-in" with me during the semester to tell about newly excavated foundations, outcrops, and on-going frat parties.  To them, I dedicate this page of images - the Geology Department Rogue's Gallery (Past and Present).

Kate performing the Swan Dance at the Palisades.

I thought we were going to find fossils not faults!

Slickenlines?  Pitch?  Plunge? What next?

This beats hell out of hiking to the outcrops.

Dad!  I thought you said this trip was going to be fun!

Well kid, first you go to the package store ...... then....

What kind of herb are we looking for anyway?


I'm going to be on the cover of Time magazine.

Well, you know ah ....... it's Silurian.

Hey Dad, this trip is great.  I really want to go to College!

How many feet do we go down, 750?

What? You mean we came all the way down here to see broken up rock?

Merguerian, you'll never get to see me in another course.

Crazy glue commercial, here I come!

Mom'll never believe this one!

I'm going snowboarding right after this stupid lab.

He caught us.  Now what do we do?

Hiya kids!  I'm off to see the wizard to get a real tie.

Just what are we going underground for anyway?

Snap the picture so we can get going, turkey!

Now THAT'S what I call a poured tunnel!

Wire clippers? Next!

I'm not a major but it sure seems like you guys have fun.

I can do this standing on my two feet.

Doc, what is all this crap in your office?

Chris, don't make me laugh - the tunnel might cave in.

I can teach, canoe?

It sure hurts having this tree in my shoulder.

Paleontology?  I thought you said Proctology.

Now you know why they call me Jet.

It's back to Australia after class with this Doc weirdo.

Now that's more like it, Dad!  Hanging out in your office is fun.

Heavy Metal, Base Metals - I don't care.

I just can't seem to get enough of this Geology stuff.

OK, so we bought a tarp - what next?

I think I like this Geology stuff - where do I sign up?

Ready for a mitosis demonstration?  Oops, wrong course.

This is the most fun I've had since Vietnam.

Don't worry Amy, he'll go away in a few minutes.  Weirdo.

Mountain Dew, oh Mountain Dew.

These mid-Ordovician turbidites are really sumptin'

Yep, found me a graptolite.

Yep, found me a craptolite.

I know, I'll throw her camera in the creek and dive in after it.

This is just a warm-up.  Bring on dinner.

We're all dressed up for soft jobs with the Sanitation Department.

No, no, no - the point gap on the 1969 GTO is 0.025".

I thought the new science building had Geology in it.

Yah, the Pennsylvania Dutch country.

Harry, stop pinching me.

Well you see Crystal, the tunnel is underground.

Hey Doc, can you lend me twenty bucks until next week.  Big party this weekend.

I hope you've all enjoyed your fleeting minutes of fame gracing the Geology Department Rogue's Gallery.  I've enjoyed working with all of you!  Be on the lookout for the Roving Rogue Photographer.

Dr. Charles Merguerian (c) 2000