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After years of consistent cumulative research and professional practice spanning two generations we are proud to advertise Duke Geological Laboratory (DGL) as an energetic private enterprise offering an array of high quality geological services driven by the most current technology available. We serve both industry and educational institutions in the private and public domain.


Principal Dr. Charles Merguerian personally conducts and manages all deliverables. 


Personalized thorough attention is given to each inquiry, project or contract serviced regardless of its source and size.  DGL publishes an annual Rate Card for fees charged for services.  In general educational instances where funding is in question we may opt to extend our services for a reduced rate or pro bono as a professional courtesy.


The requests for DGL services over the past three decades have developed important industry and academic bonds and has forged a positive reputation for our specialized work. We thank communities far and wide for their appreciation and supportive comments.



Principal Charles Merguerian standing next to the disarticulated cutter head of the Queens Tunnel TBM after hole-thru, 1999.

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General E-mail: info@dukelabs.com

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